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Headless alligator spotted in Jupiter Inlet

Alligator 3.jpg
Headless alligator spotted in Jupiter Inlet. (WPEC)

**Warning-graphic content-may not be suitable for some readers.**

A headless, tailless alligator has been spotted in the Jupiter Inlet.

"Cruising through the Intracoastal, right past the Jupiter Inlet, and I was just driving and the kids noticed something in the water and I thought it looked like a dead fish or something but it was big," said Jupiter resident Mark.

Locals started to see the floating carcass earlier this week in the Loxahatchee River. Then it was seen in the Jupiter Inlet. It made its way out into the ocean and up on the beach at the Jupiter Inlet Colony.

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"Hopefully the authorities figure it out and find out who's poaching alligators. If they have a license for it, go do it, but don't have the dead body floating in a river with kids and families looking at it," said Mark.

The Florida Wildlife Commission removed the carcass from the beach yesterday. They are investigating the incident. It is unknown where the carcass came from.

Trapper Mike Kimmel of Martin County Trapping and Wildlife Removal suspects poachers were involved or someone ran over the gator and decided to grab the tail for a meal.

"If the public has any information, they can call the FWC Wildlife Alert Hotline at, toll-free, 888-404-3922, or via email or text to," said FWC Public Information Director Carol Lyn Parrish.

It is alligator hunting season in Florida. The season goes from August 15 to November 1 and does require a permit. The FWC has guidelines on how to dispose of an alligator carcass on their website.

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