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Pet of the Week: You ain't nothin' but a hound dog, Badger!

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Pet of the Week: You ain't nothin' but a hound dog, Badger! (Courtesy: Jennifer Langdon)

SAN ANTONIO - It's time to name our Pet of the Week! Now more than ever, pets have a special place in our families and in our hearts.

Every week we search through the hundreds of pet photos we receive in Chime In and choose just one to give the honorary title of Pet of the Week. Nothing is won with the title except bragging rights for the week. Share your beloved pet photos with us and tell us what makes them so special and your pet could be chosen next!

This week we chose Badger, a seven and a half year old Bloodhound and Redbone Coonhound mix shared with us by Jennifer Langdon.

Jennifer tells us she got Badger in September of 2019 from Etosha Rescue in Seguin.

"They put the dogs well being above anything else. If they don’t believe you can give the dog a better home than they can, they won’t adopt to you," said Jennifer. "We looked at most of their dogs and I told them what kind of dog I was looking for, which was a big lovable lap dog, and the owner knows each dog and their temperament very well. Badger also had manners which I believe they taught him. All the dogs looked healthy, flea free and in good shape."

Badger already had his name when they adopted him, so they decided to keep it to avoid confusion. He will eat just about anything but one of his favorite things is watermelon.

Badger's favorite toy is a monkey... he has SEVEN of them that Jennifer tells us she has performed surgery on multiple times, by which we mean she has re-sewn them back together after an accidental dismemberment.

Badger is also very smart. Jennifer said, "If you offer him a treat at mealtime he will spit it out to let you know he wants his dinner and isn’t interested in a treat. He can shake hands with either paw, catch a treat off his nose, and steal your heart with his cuteness he “melts” on his mamma."

According to the American Kennel Club, "The classically houndy head on the Redbone Coonhound is flanked by ears long enough to reach the nose. Dreamy brown eyes give the face an expression described by the breed's devotees as 'pleading.' Vigorous activities like hunting and swimming between long periods of rest is the rhythm of coonhound life."

This description fits Badger quite perfectly. "He is very intelligent and knows a lot of words and can express what he wants. He is a great hunter and stalks squirrels, watching where he steps to not make a sound," said Jennifer. "I'm amazed that even though he was in a shelter for three and a half years he is very well behaved, loves to snuggle and has a great disposition."

He also loves to smell EVERYTHING! Jennifer said they try to take him as many places as they can and he goes bonkers smelling everything.

Badger has several dog beds, but chooses instead to sleep on the sofa or on Jennifer's bed.

"He chose me to be his human. When I met him, he gently knocked me down and stood over me wanting to be pet and claimed me as his," said Jennifer.

You ain't nothing but a hound dog, Badger, but you are definitely a friend of mine!

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