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Branding: Creating the 'Human Connection' that makes consumers buy

Digital Discoveries
Digital Discoveries

Is it any wonder that consumer expectations have changed? In a digital world without boundaries, where choice is infinite and switching brand preference is a click away, consumer decisions are now made in micro-moments.

These micro-moments that can make or break a brand.

According to Ad Age, psychologists suggest that emotions are the basis for eighty percent of the decisions a person makes in a day.

No matter how many people I talk to about their business’s marketing these days, “branding” is the least pursued and also the least understood part of marketing. Interestingly enough, the companies that are most successful these days understand branding and know how to use it for creating that “human connection” that gives them the edge in winning new and repeat customers. In fact, branding is just as important as having a website in 2020.

How you ask? Let me show you the way!

First off, “branding” is not something that only large companies with exorbitant marketing budgets do. And true branding isn’t “making people know the name of your company” either.

Scratch all of that.

A true branding campaign is either “making consumers FEEL a certain way when they encounter your company in the marketplace” or “CHANGING the way consumers feel when they encounter your company in the marketplace.”

Branding is about the human connection and we often forget -- that there is a human being on the other end of that device!

Branding is what makes the connection with the person happen. That connection is what wins your company the clicks and the calls when someone is ready to buy, especially when a consumer has to choose between 30+ places to click on Google after conducting a search.

How should a local business create that human connection with consumers through branding? Here are five easy steps to follow:

1) Start with reading reviews; your own company’s reviews and then your competitor’s. See what consumers in your market are complaining about the most.

2) Specifically address the most common concerns on your website by creating pages that discuss your business offerings and how you are different and better.

3) Use digital display ads on mobile phones and computers to get in front of consumers “before they need you” to educate them on your offerings and why they should choose you when a need arises.

4) Use online video that targets a local audience to get in front of consumers before they need you – again explaining how your business is better and why consumers should choose you over anyone else.

5) Consistency is key. Creating a comfortable feeling among consumers in your market takes time and consistency in your messaging.

With successful branding, you’ll grow your company’s share in the market over time, while winning consumer preference. Make branding a part of your company’s marketing efforts today!

Our team at Sinclair can help your business grow by developing smart digital marketing campaigns based on research and data. Call us today and start your company’s journey. We’ll help you navigate to a successful future in a cost-effective way.

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