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Sports fans are waiting to buy from you!

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Digital Discoveries

In 2020, sports fanatics are hungry for sports more than ever before! Since many fans can’t go to live sports events just yet, they’re looking for ways to get their sports “fix” and they’re engaging their favorite teams in a whole new way! If you, the local business owner can figure out the right media mix, your company can mesh with sports like wings and tailgating! In this quick article, we’ll show you:

  • How sports fans are currently engaging their favorite teams
  • How sports fans behave while engaging sports events
  • How and where local business owners can get in front of sports fans

TV is King, But Digital Is Growing Quickly! The first two broadcasts on NBC Sports of the 2020 NFL season averaged 20.5 million viewers across TV and digital platforms, according to new data from Nielsen and Adobe Analytics. That stat alone speaks for itself. Although most of the viewership for “Sunday Night Football” comes from fans watching on live broadcast TV, its reach across digital platforms is growing exponentially. This trend echoes across other sports as well and clearly shows a trend. Is it possible to advertise, on a budget and be in front of sports fans during big games? The answer is “yes” and it’s extremely effective in branding and in lead generation! The vast majority of sports fans engage mobile digital platforms while watching sports on TV to interact with fellow fans and engage in things they see along the way!

Digital Livestreaming of Sports Events is Skyrocketing! According to Fox Sports, Super Bowl LIV was the most live-streamed Super Bowl in history, delivering an average minute audience of 3.4 million, up +30% over last year (vs. 2.6 million in 2018) and up +103% over FOX’s last Super Bowl stream in 2017 (vs. 1.7 million), according to Adobe Analytics. Overall, there was a total of 148.5 million people who watched at least part of the big game. The majority of these fans used their big screen TVs to view games through the FOX Sports app or the NBC Sports App! Sinclair offers local commercials during livestreaming sporting events of all types on both FOX and NBC. Surprisingly, its widely under-penetrated by local businesses. Why? Because not many business owners know that this form of digital marketing exists and how affordable it really is!

The ”New” Sport Audience Interacts On Social Media! Sports fans are chomping at the bit to talk about their favorite teams and athletes via social media. Since get-togethers and live game attendance have been put on hold in 2020, the only place fans can trash-talk and/or brag to other fans is on social media! Since News 4 and Fox 29 in San Antonio TX have almost 1 million followers on Facebook, our posts updating local fans get a ton of interaction. Partnering with Sinclair on social media to sponsor some of these sporting event posts can grab some attention from sports fans and open the door to gaining new, loyal customers!

Local Sports Fans Look To Local News Sites For Game Dates, Stats and Post-Game Highlights! Local businesses can get very creative with digital display ads on local news sites by running “countdown clocks” to big games that also brand their company. Local businesses can also take over the entire home page of a news website and get seen by thousands of sports fans looking for info on sporting events. Consistency is key in getting sports fans to remember your best deals. If you’re in front of sports fans before they need you – they’ll remember you when they DO need you.

Summary: Sports fans can easily add to your bottom line if you reel them in with the right message, across a healthy media mix and consistency!

With successful digital campaigns, local businesses can grow their bottom line fast. Our team at Sinclair Broadcast Group and Compulse Integrated Marketing can help your business grow by developing smart digital marketing campaigns based on research and data. Call us today and start your company’s journey. We’ll help you navigate to a successful future in a cost-effective way.

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