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Is your staff REALLY driving your sales? Test them and see!

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SAN ANTONIO - No matter what your local business offers, every local business is a sales organization. Almost every local business owner will agree, sales don’t happen on their own. Goods and services constantly must be sold to keep money flowing in. The minute any small business owner takes their foot off the gas, those sales can go straight to a competitor! So how does a local business owner make sure that they’re maximizing their opportunities to sell? In this week’s quick read, we’ll show you how to:

  • Listen to your potential customers
  • Spot-check your staff’s interactions with potential customers
  • Survey your customers to see if all of your company’s products/services were presented
  • Build upon a set of sales practices that will maximize your sales opportunities

Consumers Want a Positive Sales Experience

When a customer calls on a local business for a product or service, they know that they’ll be presented with multiple options.. Creating a positive experience is key to winning a new sale as well as winning the loyalty of that customer. According to a 2020 survey by HubSpot, 51% of consumers are turned off by companies who show up late. If you’re on time, you’re already looking good to potential customers. 69% of consumers bought more than they thought they would because the salesperson listened to their needs, and 61% of customers bought more because they were presented with something that matched their needs! Importantly, 61% of consumers who were turned off didn’t buy because the salesperson was too pushy. It’s not rocket science: Be on time, listen to your potential customers, present things that relate to their needs and don’t be too pushy!

Spot Check Your Staff Often

Spot check your staff by evaluating their skills several times a year. Get with a friend and call your own staff on speakerphone. Ask all of the questions that a typical consumer would and see how effective your staff is at closing the deal or getting the appointment. You’d be amazed at how your own staff can use some feedback and training to maximize your selling opportunities.

Survey Your Customers Often

Use SurveyMonkey which is a free online service that allows you to create surveys to send your customers. Use these surveys to see how they felt about buying from your company, how they felt about your staff (both on the phone as well as in person) and how they feel about recommending your company to others. Why wonder about these things when there are free tools that take 5 minutes to know!

Follow The Process to Keep Sales Interactions at Peak Performance

Do these things all year to keep your sales flowing and build a strong book of business. If you’re just too busy, delegate it to your company’s manager or supervisors. You can even partner with external marketing teams who can help drive these efforts. The most successful local businesses already follow these practices, and you can too!

If you need help with this process, you’re not alone! 2021 is a new year so you should have a new outlook, a new advertising plan and a new strategy. Our team of digital marketers in San Antonio can make this process turnkey for any busy business owner in San Antonio. Call us now and we’ll be happy to get you started.

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