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Is your mobile website fast enough?

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When is the last time you tested your website’s speed on mobile phones?

According to Google, if your customers have a negative experience on your mobile website, they’re 62% LESS likely to buy from you. That means they’ll buy from your competitors instead!

An average of 67% of the top searches on Google will come from mobile phones in the Spring of 2020. This includes searches for restaurants, pizza, dentists, hair salons, air conditioning repair, auto repair, attorneys, plumbers and roofers. If your website doesn’t perform well on a mobile phone, you’re most likely losing customers to your competition.

The TOP complaint from mobile shoppers is website speed – the amount of time it takes for your website to load on a mobile phone. Google states that a “one second delay in mobile website loadtimes can impact your conversions by up to 20%!” This means it’s costing you sales.

Case in point, in San Antonio there was a local chain of standalone emergency rooms who had little success with digital marketing in the past. After researching their challenges, it was determined that over 80% of their traffic came from mobile phones, yet their website took 17 seconds to load on a mobile phone. Imagine if you were the parent of a small child with a medical emergency, you were trying to find the nearest ER facility and it took 17 seconds for a website to load on your phone?? You’d most likely back out and go to another website!

That’s where Sinclair Digital comes in - we can help you solve the puzzle of digital marketing for YOUR business specifically for a mobile environment. We have tools that can show you, in plain English, how to get your website cranking out leads from mobile shoppers – including a tool that can test the speed of your mobile website. And best of all, it’s FREE!

Give us a call today and let us show you how this works -- and start maximizing your bottom line today!

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