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How to win shoppers on mobile phones

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Digital Discoveries

Most business owners have websites to win new customers on the internet. However, unless you have a digital “ecosystem” built for mobile phone shoppers, you could be losing customers to competitors. In this quick article, we’ll show you:

1.How shoppers are using their mobile phones

2.How local businesses can easily tailor their digital presence for mobile phone shoppers

3.How local businesses can easily get in front of these consumers

How are shoppers using their mobile phones these days? Mobile phones continue the dominant growth in usage compared to all other media. reported that 85.4% of USA internet users performed internet searches using their smart phones in 2019 and in 2020, those numbers are still rising! What are shoppers using their phones for?

90.9% of shoppers use their mobile phone for email

85.4% performed internet searches to find information about businesses

82.8% of USA internet shoppers used their smartphones to view videos

72% used their mobile phones for social media

These stats are undeniable, and they show us where the “eyeballs” are.

How can a local business tailor their digital presence for mobile shoppers? First, make your website mobile friendly. Get to the “meat and potatoes” quickly by reducing the verbiage on your website’s home page so mobile users can make a buying decision more easily with less reading. The latest research shows that a local business has just 4 to 6 seconds to capture a shopper’s attention. With that said, make sure that your website loads quickly on a phone. There are many tools that scan website load speed for free! And make sure that all of the info about your business across the internet is correct and consistent. Shoppers have a broad spectrum of preference as to how they look businesses up and having correct content is key to conversions! Make sure you briefly tell shoppers why they should buy from you over your competition. You must “sell” mobile phone shoppers into calling you first.

There are a variety of ways to get in front of mobile phone shoppers. Email blasts are a great way to reach tens of thousands of shoppers for just pennies each! With a website tailored to mobile phone users, an email blast can get you results quickly. Google ads can get phone calls if the ads are properly developed using competitive research! Online video ads can also educate consumers into buying from you. This can include YouTube as well as videos on websites with significant mobile traffic such as News4 or Fox29 in San Antonio with millions of users every month! Social media ads can be very inexpensive and very effective during the holiday season which is coming soon! A healthy mix of digital flights is most always a recipe for success!

With successful digital campaigns, local businesses can grow their bottom line fast. Our team at Sinclair Broadcast Group and Compulse Integrated Marketing can help your business grow by developing smart digital marketing campaigns based on research and data. Call us today and start your company’s journey. We’ll help you navigate to a successful future in a cost-effective way.

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