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How to soften the walls for B2B sales

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Digital Discoveries

SAN ANTONIO - Local business owners are often challenged with how land more B2B or Business-to-Business sales. The competition is especially fierce when you consider the internet opens the window to any competitor in the country! In this article, you’ll learn:

  • How to increase your current B2B sales by layering-in digital strategies
  • How to develop a coordinated approach between sales and digital marketing

Getting B2B Leads Can Be a Huge Challenge! Many businesses get stuck in the weeds when navigating the B2B path. Many local companies who focus on B2B sales have sales teams who drive efforts into various markets until deals are done. The biggest challenge of winning B2B deals is decision-makers and the fact that there are usually several decision makers in each business. Even if you’re lucky enough to land a meeting with one of them, you may not be able to ever meet with all of them. Therein lies the challenge! You make a presentation to one DM who then “relays” your presentation to the next DM who finally goes to the owner. How can you be effective when your presentation just became a “third-hand” presentation?

The best approach is a coordinated approach. Layering-in digital marketing can be very influential and make the difference between landing a deal and never getting a call back. And a “coordinated approach” with proper timing and open communication with both your sales teams and your marketing team is crucial.but not rocket science! It’s best to know in advance when and where your sales teams will be working and WHO they are planning to target – such as a calendar or a schedule. This plan should be coordinated with your marketing team to understand who the potential audience is, when the canvass will take place and where, geographically speaking. A good marketing team will coordinate their efforts with your sales teams to begin softening the walls for their sales teams. What products are your sales teams focused on? Who are your competitors in that area? The lyrics for both sales and marketing must be a consistent message.

Digital Campaign Layering. There’s nothing worse than shaking hands with a potential customer who says, “I’ve never heard of you before.” Video campaigns in-advance of your “boots-on-the-ground” efforts are extremely effective and can help you close more deals in the end. In case you don’t get to meet with every decision maker, and your presentation becomes a 3rd-hand presentation, effective branding can be an excellent ‘wing-man!” Make your name known and make sure that people understand why you’re the best before you arrive in the market and begin asking for meetings. Video is very effective at branding (as proven by Google’s purchase of YouTube for 1.6B in 2006. OTT connected TV commercials, YouTube TrueView video campaigns and mobile phone geo-video campaigns are heavy hitters for branding! But remember, you still been a strong website and stellar online reviews to seal deals. If you have no online reviews and your competition has great reviews, they just might win a tiebreaker. Don’t let your happy customers just go away happy. Ask for a Google review and most will happily comply. All of these strategies work wonders at increasing B2B sales. Time all of these strategies properly and work “in advance” of your sales teams efforts and you’ll surely see success.

If you want great B2B marketing ideas and strategies throughout the year, you’re not alone! 2021 has been an unpredictable year so far. Our team of digital marketers in San Antonio can make digital advertising in San Antonio turnkey for any busy business owner. Call us now and we’ll be happy to get you started.

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