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Harness the power of voice search and grow your sales fast

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Digital Discoveries

Convenience. If there’s one thing that became a “trend” during covid, convenience is the number one factor that consumers wanted while staying home during the pandemic. People who had hard-to-break buying habits and preferences quickly changed their buying methods in favor of options that offered convenience. During 2020, consumers quickly adapted to using “voice search” on both their mobile phones as well as buying and using voice-activated devices like Google Nest and Amazon Echo Dot speakers. In this week’s article, you’ll learn:

  • What these devices are and how they work
  • How consumers use these devices to find local businesses
  • How you as a business owner can be included in these searches to grow your sales

Consumers demanded convenience during the pandemic

Some of the top selling electronic devices during the pandemic and through the 2020 holidays were “smart speakers.” These devices connect to your home’s WIFI and can automate many things throughout your home such as controlling lighting, your home’s air conditioning, etc. However, most consumers uses these devices as well as their mobile phones to conduct voice-activated searches for the things that they need such as food delivery, home repairs, home improvement, auto repair as well as professional services such as lawyers, dentists and doctors. The greater majority of consumers’ local searches end with the phrase “near me” and this is where it get’s interesting.

Many business owners are puzzled as to why they are not showing up for voice searches

One of the top questions I get from business owners is “Why doesn’t my business come up, while I’m actually at my business for a near-me search?” 99.99999999999% of the time the problem was caused by the businesses’ local digital listings on Google maps, Apple maps, or local Yelp listings. In researching these occurrences, I often find that there’s either missing information that causes it, or incorrect information that causes it.

What’s the fix for it?

Any business owner can fix their local digital listings on Google, Apple Maps or Yelp by logging into their listings and correcting them in minutes. For Google, simply go to, sign in (or create a sign in) and follow the instructions. Google will verify the ownership of your business with a few steps and you’ll be in control. For Apple Maps, just go to, create a sign in and either update your company’s information or enter it in fresh. also offers easy steps for small business owners to claim and update their business listings for accuracy. Make sure that your business address is exactly the same across the board. Also make sure that your business category is the same as well as your business description. These factors will tell the internet what searches to match you to and where!

In summary, If you need help with this process, you’re not alone! 2021 is a new year so you should have a new outlook, a new advertising plan and a new strategy. Our team of digital marketers in San Antonio can make this process turnkey for any busy business owner in San Antonio. Call us now and we’ll be happy to get you started.

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