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Four easy steps to make your marketing work better

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With a new year now well underway, it’s time to take a hard look at your marketing. How effective was it really? If you turned your marketing off tomorrow, would your phones turn off too? If you’re not quite sure, don’t be too hard on yourself. Two-thirds of all SMBs aren’t sure exactly how well their ad programs worked last year. But thank goodness you ended up here, reading this quick article by some random guy named Darrin Charles Cheraso. Before name-searching me on Google, which might be oddly satisfying yet stodgy at best, let me show you how to:

  • Make your ads stand out so you’ll get a lot of leads
  • Make your message consistent and why that’s important
  • Make sure your future customers know that you’re the one they need to call

First Step: Think of all the marketing that you currently do or simply write it down on a notepad. It may include TV advertising, radio, newspaper, magazine, direct mail, Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, mobile phone ads, video advertising and especially your own website! Whatever your mix is, this technique works on everything across the board!

Second Step: Next to each type of marketing you do, jot a quick note by each about what was mentioned in campaign. What were you advertising exactly? What was the main point or offer mentioned in each campaign?

Third Step: Think of your company’s “X-factor.” That is what makes you different or better than your competition. It falls into any of these three categories: Price, Speed and Uniqueness. Do you have better prices than your competition? Can you offer your services faster than your competitors? Do you offer something that no one else offers? Write it down because we’ll be using it!

Stop and look down the row of all the marketing you did and look the main message for each campaign. Did everything line up? Yes or no? Then, look at the message for each campaign. Did any of your company’s X-factor get mentioned? What about your website? Was any of your ad’s content and/or your X-factor get mentioned on your company’s website?

Final Step: Make everything match and make sure that your X-factor is front-and-center in all of your ads and on your website. Consistency is key to marketing effectiveness and by adding in your company’s X-factor, you can easily double or triple your lead conversion with just a little bit of planning! How? It’s simple. People are on the go. You don’t know when and where they might hear your message. And that time might not be the exact time they need to buy. But when they ARE ready, they could look you up anywhere. So make sure that no matter where a consumer might find you that they see your company as the best option and you’ll increase your chances of getting a lead exponentially! It’s not rocket science, but this is often overlooked.

If you need assistance with this process, you’re not alone! 2021 is a new year so you should have a new outlook, a new advertising plan and a new strategy. Our team of digital marketers in San Antonio can make this process turnkey for any busy business owner in San Antonio. Call us now and we’ll be happy to get you started.

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