Nutrition knowledge can go a long way for children

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We all know getting our kids to eat healthy can be challenging. Working in partnership with our parent company Sinclair Broadcast Group we want to bring you important health and safety matters.

As we continue national nutrition month Alyson Courtney takes a trip to the grocery store with her own daughters and a dietitian for lesson on label reading that could help your family.

Taking my girls grocery shopping isn't something I typically do - but Robin Gipson a registered dietitian at Arkansas Children's Hospital says it could be the key to improving a child’s food choices.

Like many kids Brooklyn, my 13-year-old, is a picky eater, says Alyson Courtney.

"Sometimes I have popcorn or goldfish and then other times I have like candy I sneak in my backpack," says Brooklyn Courtney.

At least she's honest about preferring foods that are higher in calories and added sugar.

Berkeley who is ten and willing to try almost anything is more likely to get excited about foods that are "good for you" but what does that mean exactly?

"We see the bolded calorie option and then if it was a different product we might look down here at the added sugar option to figure out is this a product that has natural sugar, or has it been added in there and I kind of want to avoid it." says Gipson.

Gipson warns advertising can be deceptive when it comes to healthy eating and knowing what to look for on the label is the only sure way to choose the best foods for your family,

"Made with smiles and enriched wheat. Enriched, so that enriched word is going to give us a clue that it's not going to be a whole grain option." according to Gipson.

Gipson says made with smiles or not, most of the time products kids tend to pick up are ones she frowns upon.

"Berkley: Calories it has 240 calories. Robin: For one packet of lemon creme crackers. Berkley: Wow! ROBIN: that's over the limit right."

After a few minutes - the girls got the hang of it and Gipson says this type of knowledge will likely stick with them for a lifetime.

Gipson adds while reading labels on prepackaged snacks is important, no label foods like fresh fruits and vegetables will always be the healthiest options for both kids and adults.