'Was he the guy?,' Fox Sports' Sharpe calls out Kawhi Leonard's 2014 Finals MVP with Spurs

Leonard, Sharpe

Clippers' Kawhi Leonard is under the spotlight and not in a good way.

Leonard's Clippers suffered a complete playoff collapse in the 2020 West Semis, losing to the Nuggets, 4-3, after being up 3-1 in the series.

To make matters worse, Leonard went 1-11 shooting from the field in the second half to complete one of his worse showings on the court.

This led to Fox Sports' Shannon Sharpe to question whether or not Leonard has ever been a great player as many believe.

During "Undisputed," Sharpe blasted all who placed Leonard on a pedestal. This led to him questioning whether or not Leonard really was deserving of the 2014 NBA Finals MVP award with the San Antonio Spurs.

He won two finals MVPs but was he 'the guy'? This was Tim Duncan. This was Manu (Ginobili). This was Tony Parker's team. He came from the background, he won.

Leonard scored nine points in Game 1 versus Miami in 23 minutes. Duncan led the team with 21 points in 33 minutes.

In game two, Leonard scored nine points in 31 minutes however it was Duncan's 18 points, Parker's 21 points, and Ginobili's 19 points to pace the Spurs.

In games 3-5, Leonard scored 20-plus points to lead the team but the Spurs "Big 3" were pouring in double-figure scoring in Game 3, Duncan and Parker scored double-figure scoring, and the "Big 3" scored double-figure scoring in the series-clinching win.

Sharpe did add more to his opinion on Leonard's standing in the NBA.

He's never won a regular season MVP. He's never been the best player in the NBA.

What say you Spurs fans? Do you agree with Sharpe's thoughts about Leonard's Finals MVP award with the Spurs? Let me know on Twitter at @JeffGSpursZone.