UTSA students spread kindness

utsa kindness.JPG
A class at UTSA has started "The Kindness Project."

SAN ANTONIO - A class of students at UTSA is encouraging acts of kindness on their campus by saying thank you to those making a difference.

“I just hope it makes someone's day. It makes someone smile,” said UTSA senior Shabriel Locke.

Locke is part of the creative writing class at UTSA. They're working on something called "The Kindness Project." As part of the project, students pass out thank you notes when they see someone being kind. It could be an act as simple as holding the door open for someone else. Students also write a blog and encourage kindness on social media.

“We share some kindness with people who might need it instead of bullying words,” said class lecturer Dr. Cynthia Hawkins.

Hawkins and her students came up with the idea after the tragic suicide of Alamo Heights student David Molak in January. David's family says cyberbullying drove him to take his own life.

“Our motto was, of course, ‘create kindness pass it on.’” Hawkins said.

There are nearly 30,000 students at UTSA. That number might seem daunting to a class of only 20 students, but they say they're willing to take on the challenge to promote kindness in the community. The students plan to host events on campus where people can share stories and poems about kindness.

They are simple acts that can have a big impact.

“Hopefully it'll get going and a lot of people at UTSA will be doing it,” said Locke.