Uno Mas Manu: The Blair Witch Project

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Uno Mas Manu: The Blair Witch Project

SAN ANTONIO - We still have time to talk Manu into one more year, and we are doing so by showing the top plays of his career. We call it: Uno Mas Manu!

Monday night we had 'The Shoe.' Now something we call 'The Blair Witch Project,' a legendary pass to former Spur DeJuan Blair.

Take it back to 2009, no HD back then, so it's grainy video and all. Manu, before he goes out of bounds, goes behind the back and right on the money. The amazing pass to Blair -- The Witch Project -- because in the words of the great Bill Shoening, "Manu how do you do the voodoo that you do so well?"

Manu had fun with Spurs fans Monday. He announced the winner of a pair of 2011 shoes he use to wear. Participants just had to tweet #grampashoes11 and they were entered in the digital raffle. Congrats to @ryansconscience.

The Blair Witch Project

The Shoe