Tim Duncan's presence is significant in his return to the Spurs says Patty Mills


Raise your hand if you thought that San Antonio spurs legend Tim Duncan would have come out of retirement, commit to wearing a suit, and sit on the Spurs bench as an assistant coach.

Not many did think scenario would come to be after he retired form the NBA in 2016 but that is exactly what happened in the summer of 2019.

The Spurs announced Duncan would join the team serving as Gregg Popovich's assistant and his return has been wonderful for the team says guard Patty Mills.

Mills was a guest on ESPN's "The Woj Pod" and spoke about Duncan's presence back on the team has been significant this season.

I think the one thing that you probably would find from a lot of people is how much just his presence is effective without him making a noise, saying a word. His presence, energy is far more effective than a lot of people that I have met.
It just makes you put your 'alerts' up and your ears stand up. Whether it's to behave or do the right things or whatever it may be, that's the type of presence that he has.

Duncan didn't completely leave the Spurs when he left the game.

Following his retirement, Duncan remained with the team in practices, attended games and hand out a few pointers to the young players.

Now, Duncan is on the payroll doing what he loves and bringing levity to the team.

To have him back now, it is great for many different reasons. I think a lot of people forget that he's a great guy. He's a great guy to have around, to joke and to keep things light. He definitely prefers that more than anything else.

Aside from making an impact with the players, Duncan's return has been great for Popovich as he helps mold the next generation of Spurs players.

Mills explains Duncan has been part of the evolution of the Spurs.

It's another part of this moving, transition puzzle that we're going through. Timmy has always been that core part of this organization. To have him back and more involved in that sense is a stabilizer.

Duncan's return to the bench has only forged a stronger bond between the two basketball legends as Mills explains.

The relationship those two guys have, many people have seen it and heard it before but the father-son relationship is very unique. It's special and no one can have that impact on Pop that Timmy has. It's definitely great to see everyday.

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