True sportsmanship on display on-field during injury in high school football game

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Fans at Friday's game between Catoosa and Miami witnessed a true act of sportsmanship. (Photo: Miami Public Schools){ }

CATOOSA, Okla., (KTUL) -- Fans at Friday's game between Catoosa and Miami witnessed a true act of sportsmanship.

When one player went down with a serious injury both sides came together in prayer.

“This game is more than just a sport, it’s about family," said Gavin Phillips.

A family of students from two schools coming together to do what’s right.

“It just felt so real, it was just an amazing thing in my opinion," said Alyssa Ray.

Both Gavin Phillips and Alyssa Ray were on the field Friday when a Miami player went down.

“I was just walking back and I see him laying down on the ground and I'm walking back and like what’s happening," said Phillips.

Clay McCormick, #52 suffered a concussion during a play.

Coaches say the lineman’s body went limp after falling on another player.

“That was the most scary incident that I’ve ever seen," said Ray.

But out of a scary moment came an example of true sportsmanship.

“We want us players and our opponents to be safe no matter what, no matter what the circumstances," said Phillips.

Phillips and the wide receiver’s teammates and Ray’s cheer team joined forces with Miami’s students.

The moment was captured by many in the stands.

“Every time someone gets hurt we are taught to kneel, but this time it felt a little different like we needed to come together for some reason," said Ray.

“It brings you back to reality and what your reasons really are out there and it's those kids loving those kids, teaching them that there’s more to this game then simply going out and playing," said Coach Jason Medrano.

Thankfully Coach Medrano has heard McCormick is doing okay and says what happened on that field makes him proud.

“Anybody can learn from that at any time," said Medrano.

A lesson outside the classroom playing out in front of a huge audience.

“Its more than a game, it’s more than a game to all of us players," said Phillips.

“We were all just one," said Ray.

The Miami Public Schools athletic director says McCormick is one of their star players.

He says somehow the junior is expected to make a full recovery and may be back on the field as early as this week.