Competing High Schools plan "gold out" during football game for childhood cancer awareness


Football fans from competing high schools are coming together to support a common cause. Boerne High School is planning a "gold out" at Thursday night's football game against Somerset High School. Instead of wearing team colors during the game, supporters from both schools have agreed to wear gold for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Boerne and Somerset are no strangers when it comes to competing in football. Thursday night instead of seeing purple on one side of the field and blue on the other both Greyhounds and Bulldogs fans will be decked out in gold.

"Tomorrow night you're going to see gold here, gold there, gold everywhere! You might even see gold s's on the helmet for the game so," Quarterback Zadock Dinkelmann said.

Leaders at Boerne High School planned the "gold out" to support Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Families at both schools have had children lose their battle with cancer.

Brea Hines passed away in March. Tahlor Stefek lost her brother Noah in November of 2014.

"So I was just really happy that my school is taking so much joy and pride into it," Somerset High School Senior Tahlor Stefek said.

Students and staff have been selling gold t-shirts for Thursday's game. A portion of the money is for cancer research.

"Cancer is a terrible thing and it needs money and research and it's been a lot of improvement over the years," Head Coach Sonny Detmer said. "Early detection is one of the great things that you can really have happen."

Make no mistake both teams are going in to win but the real winners tomorrow night won't be on the field.

"We're still going to be battling each other on the field but at the end of the day the real cause is for these kids and for those battling cancer," Detmer said.

Somerset alone has sold more than 2,000 t-shirts.

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