This NBA 2K League draft prospect persevered through injury

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Today we continue out NBA 2K League 2020 Draft prospect series by speaking with Robert "LA SMASH9500" Chavarin.

The Los Angeles, CA native speaks with us on how a shoulder injury pushed him to his NBA 2K League dreams and much more.

Jeff: You had a bad accident in high school that pushed you to play NBA 2K. How did you adjust physically (dislocating your shoulder) to adapt to playing the game?

Chavarin: I got into NBA 2K because I dislocated my clavicle bone my sophomore year and wasn’t able to play for my school any more. I started taking 2K seriously and been playing competitive since 2011. It didn’t really affect me playing the game cause it was my shoulder that was messed up. I just couldn’t move while I played until it held just couldn’t actually play basketball for like a year and a half.

Jeff: What was your best game ever?

Chavarin: My best game ever was in the NBA 2K19 League combine. I was playing against two 2K League prospects and I was down 20 points going into the fourth period. I came back to win the game because I started guarding the ball stealing it and scoring every time on a athletic sharp at the power forward position.

Jeff: You've been playing since 2011. What has been the one biggest change (good or bad) that you've seen with the NBA 2K game?

Chavarin: Game-play wise, it has changed a lot as on the stuff you can do in game. Also, the NBA 2K community has came a long way. It used to be very toxic. Now, it’s very different. You see people looking out for each other more and actually talking with other top players instead of just trash talking all the time.

Jeff: How are you prepping for the combine?

Chavarin: I'm going to play more "rec-play" when my pro-am team isn’t. I am going to play rec by myself and playing with four different people every time. I can use all of that to get ready for the upcoming NBA 2K League combine.

Jeff: Why should an NBA 2K League team pick you in you make the draft pool?

Chavarin: If I make the pool, a team should draft because I make an impact on the game. My current teammates call me a leader. I'm always into the game no matter if it’s for free or playing for $250,000 dollars. I just love the NBA 2K League and see this as my career.

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