Take a look at the Dejounte Murray PE New Balance sneakers


After officially announcing Dejounte Murray has signed with sneaker company New Balance, it didn’t take long for his player edition to be revealed.

New Balance shared photos of Murray’s new PE which has his name across the shoe as well as a black and white gradient.

The shoes also have his San Antonio Spurs jersey number on the tongue with the familiar team colors of black and white.

“The hard work that I put in every day is a testament to my attitude and outlook as a professional athlete. No matter what obstacles you have in front of you, dedicate yourself and you can overcome adversity,” said Murray. “I surround myself with my family and my teammates to stay motivated. This is why I partnered with New Balance – to join a brand that inspires and is a catalyst to positive change.”

The first release, the black and white OMN1S colorway “Lights Out”, is set to hit shelves beginning December 4th. They will be available on

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