Stephen Jackson would build team centered around Kobe Bryant over Tim Duncan

Tim Duncan

When building an NBA team, you cannot go wrong with making Kobe Bryant or San Antonio Spurs icon Tim Duncan your focal point.

But if left up to former Spur Stephen Jackson, he would start a team built around Bryant rather than his former teammate.

Jackson joined "The Bill Simmons Podcast" and explained why he would pass on Duncan for Bryant.

"I would go with Kobe (Bryant). I wouldn't go with Tim Duncan," Jackson said. "I want somebody with Kobe's attitude and his approach to lead my team. Tim wasn't really too outspoken and Pop (Gregg Popovich) had to do a lot of that. I had to do a lot of that when I was there. I had to be the protector and the guy to get in guys' faces."

Said Jackson: "With Kobe, he's going to give you everything you need in one body to lead a team to a championship. Pop had to put certain different personalities and different aspects around Tim Duncan for that organization to be what it is."

Jackson went on to say he was brought on a second time in 2012 because the team needed "more nasty." He said Popovich told him exactly that. However, things between the Spurs and Jackson ended abruptly in 2013 when he was waived by the team before the start of the playoffs.

The former Spur did credit Duncan for leading the Spurs to titles but ultimately he is building a team around Bryant.

This isn't the first time Jackson has tipped his cap to Bryant over Duncan. In an interview with ESPN, he ranked Bryant ahead of Duncan in his all-time player list.

Duncan calls Jackson his "ultimate teammate" and Jackson has heaped praise on the Hall of Famer.

"The first time I encountered greatness was definitely playing with Tim Duncan. Being able to actually play in the (NBA) Finals and play with the best power forward to ever play the game," Jackson said. "I only played to win and that's something me and Duncan had in common. He wanted to win. He wanted to be a winner."

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