Spurs vs. Warriors: Game 2 adjustments

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The San Antonio Spurs currently find themselves down 0-1 to the Golden State Warriors, after dominating Game 1 113-92.

The Spurs seemed like they didn’t know how to play basketball in this game. Their field goal percentage was low, their desire to win was low and they seemed to be intimidated by their opponent.

During the playoffs, a team can’t have any of these traits if they want to win. With that being said, let’s take a look at three adjustments the Spurs must make if they want to win Game 2.

Field Goal Percentage:

The Spurs have struggled with their offense all season, but Game 1 was one of the more disappointing examples.

The Spurs finished with a field goal percentage of 40 percent while the Warriors shot 54.3 percent from the field. Because of this, the Spurs saw themselves down early and could never claw their way back.

This is the first adjustment that the Spurs have to do in order to have a chance. If they can come out and score the ball, they will at least put themselves in a good position.

Heart of a Champion:

The playoffs are a time when it seems like every team is trying their hardest to win, but the Spurs didn’t display that on Saturday.

The Spurs are definitely the underdogs in this series, but they should still show that want to win. They came out of the gates in Game 1 looking like they didn’t deserve to be there and that they had already given up.

Metal game is one of the most important tools in sports. And if the Spurs are defeated mentally before they touch the floor, then they will stand no chance at winning.

This is my second adjustment, show some more desire to win. We saw some players dive for balls every now and then in Game 1, but nothing like we’re used to seeing from the Spurs.

We need to see them hit the floor anytime they need to, they need to talk, turn up the pace a little and just have fun.

If they are able to come into the game with a better mental game, then they will put themselves in a better position to win.

Others needs to play better:

It’s hard to score 35 points in a game when you’re being double-teamed, which is what LaMarcus Aldridge proved in Game 1. Every time he touched the ball, the Warriors would send a double team to get the ball out of his hands.

The problem with that is, nobody else stepped up to score when the Spurs needed it most. And because of that, the score was a lopsided affair.

In Game 2 the Spurs must have some other players step up and hit shots. We have seen almost every player on this active roster play well and it’s time to do it again.

All season we have seen Aldridge carry the load offensively for the Spurs, but when he is getting doubled this is when players like Rudy Gay, Danny Green and Patty Mills have to step up.

If the Spurs can get a little more out of these players offensively, then they will be in good shape. If they replicate Game 1, the final score will be replicated as well.