Spurs' Poeltl criticizes Texans for not taking coronavirus pandemic seriously

J. Poeltl (Courtesy Photo)

Texas is seeing an incredible spike in the number of COVID-19 cases. The numbers are alarming. San Antonio is also dealing with a rise in cases with people in hospitals, in ICU, on ventilators and more.

And it is a concern for San Antonio Spurs center Jakob Poeltl.

The Spurs center spoke with the Austrian Press Agency about the rise in cases throughout Texas and opines that residents are not taking this seriously enough.

"The people of Texas aren't taking the whole thing too seriously," said Poeltl. “It didn't seem like people knew we were in the middle of a global crisis."

It isn't just Texas that is seeing a rise in cases. Several states are recording spikes. When Texas re-opened some opined that it was too soon and led to horrible case numbers.

"The first day afterwards it (COVID-19) was booming everywhere," said Poeltl. "People were more or less together and behaved as if nothing had ever happened."

Recently, the city of San Antonio sent emergency alerts on mobile phones requesting its citizens to stay indoors due to the fast spreading virus in Bexar County. Poeltl hopes that works to urge San Antonians to do their part.

"Hopefully this will have a bit more of an impact now," Poeltl said.

The Spurs will head to Orlando to resume their season in July.

Poeltl says he's been at the Spurs practice facility for individual workouts where every precaution is taken to ensure his health first and those of others. He says taken nearly 10 COVID tests and is checked every other day.

As for the NBA's restart, Poeltl says the league is still on target to resume despite Florida dealing with a rise in the coronavirus but shutting down the season again or postponement is still on the table.

"We have often been told that our safety is paramount," said Poeltl. "Hopefully we can make it make sense to keep playing."

Said Poeltl: "But we're still on schedule at the moment."

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