Someone dropped $55k on a pair of game-worn Jordans

Via Heritage Auctions

Nowadays people are spending more on shoes than their own rent.

Need proof? Then check this out.

It was recently announced someone spent a healthy amount for some classic game-worn Air Jordan shoes. The price tag? A whopping $55,000!

These shoes are rare because they were customized for Michael Jordan himself to help his injured left foot in 1985.

Via ChicagoSunTimes:

“For a global audience of Jordan collectors, this is as good as it gets,” said Chris Ivy, the director of sports collectibles at Heritage Auctions where the shoes were sold. “Only a tiny handful of game worn Jordan I’s are known to exist, and this unique pair is by far the rarest and most desirable of that breed, as our result would confirm.”

But, it’s hard to determine whether or not this price was worth the shoes. Although they could be considered the most rare pair of Jordan I’s out, that’s still quite a bit of money.

The buyer remains anonymous and it’s unknown whether they will speak up about the purchase.

Nonetheless, this is an insane addition to their shoe collection which begs the question, how much would you pay for sneakers worn by your favorite player San Antonio Spurs fans?

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