Series: State of Raptors Uprising with Seanquai 'KingQuai614' Harris ahead of 'THE TICKET'

Raptors Uprising

The NBA 2K League will take "THE TICKET" tournament to Orlando, FL this week as teams will battle not just for the big purse prize but for an automatic spot in the 2019 NBA 2K League postseason.

This week, we will be spotlighting a four teams ahead of "THE TICKET" and discover what is the current state of the team at just past the midway point of the season.

Our first spotlight was on T-Wolves Gaming with Mihad "Feast" Feratovic.

Today we speak with Raptors Uprising GC's Seanquai "KingQuai614" Harris. The Columbus, OH native is in his second season in the league and is averaging 6.7 points and 8.4 rebounds through 10 regular-season games.

He sits down with us to give the current state of Raptors Uprising GC.

Jeff: This week is "THE TICKET" tournament. When you hear that, what comes to mind?

Harris: Basically it is your way to punch your ticket to the playoffs. No matter what your seeding is, it is what everyone is playing for.

Jeff: "THE TICKET"can put a team in the playoffs but you can't get ahead of yourselves right?

Harris: Yeah! We still got to go out there and execute no matter what. We know it is going to be a hard tournament. I think we're going to execute our game plan. It should work out for us in the best way.

Jeff: What does the team need to do before the tournament starts?

Harris: More communication. Everything else is there. We see an impact when we come out on the stage. I would say just focusing on limiting turnovers and communicating.

Jeff: In the team's last game before "THE TICKET," your opponent went on a run and nearly got a win. Does that have you concerned?

Harris: No. We're professional players. Runs happen! We know it's going to come at one point. That is how the game is.

Jeff: Yet despite the comeback, the team hung in there for the win. Is that a testament to the mettle of the team?

Harris: Of course! It shows how resilient we are. We know they were going to punch back. We stayed composed.

Jeff: What is the state of your game ahead of "THE TICKET"?

Harris: I'm in "Mamba Mode" right now! I'm ready to kill on the stage. I'm ready.

Jeff: And what is the state of the team ahead of the tournament?

Harris: The whole Raptors organization is locked in. My guys are ready! And when we saw the NBA Toronto Raptors are in the 2019 NBA Finals we are thinking how great it would be for us to win this 2K League championship. How great of a story would that be if the Raptors win the finals and we can possibly make a good run. That would be a perfect scenario. We're definitely locked in for sure.

San Antonio Spurs fans can catch all the action at the NBA 2K League's website HERE.