Series: State of Bucks Gaming with Chad 'Chaddynick' Fodderie ahead of 'THE TICKET'

photo: Bucks Gaming

The NBA 2K League will take "THE TICKET" tournament to Orlando, FL this week as teams will battle not just for the big purse prize but for an automatic spot in the 2019 NBA 2K League postseason.

This week, we will be spotlighting four teams ahead of "THE TICKET" and discover what is the current state of the team heading into the big tournament.

We've already spotlighted T-Wolves Gaming with Mihad "Feast" Feratovic and Raptors Uprising with Seanquai "KingQuai614" Harris.

Today we speak with San Antonio's own and Bucks Gaming's Chad "Chaddynick" Fodderie.

Fodderie is in his first season in the league and is averaging 5.8 points and 1.2 rebounds through 11 regular-season games.

He sits down with us to give the current state of Bucks Gaming ahead of "THE TICKET."

Jeff: Chaddy its been a while since we last spoke but the Bucks are coming off a win ahead of "THE TICKET." How big is that?

Fodderie: Building confidence is huge for us right now. A lot of times, tournaments are all about momentum. Getting a win was huge for us. We had a bye week. We switched up our lineup and put in our of our better players and put in a more play-making build. I think that was huge for us. It will pay dividends in that tournament.

Jeff: It is simple - win "THE TICKET" and a team is in the playoffs. Is that more pressure or serves as an incentive?

Fodderie: I don't think it is added pressure at all. You go into each game with the same mindset. You're not thinking, 'OK this is 'THE TICKET' and we have to win this!'" It's not really on your mind. But it is a good bonus. At the same time, every team is going to give it all they have especially the ones that know they cannot make the playoffs. You're going to see everyone's best at the tournament.

Jeff: Bucks Gaming came out strong to start the season, had a lull and now is spiking at the right time. What is the current state of Bucks Gaming?

Fodderie: Before we were inconsistent. We were hot and then we dropped. I think what we do now is really the consistency. Having a post-scorer and not relying on soo many threes. Now, we're going inside and attacking in the paint. We're getting consistent buckets. I think that will solve most of our problems.

Jeff: And you? What is the state of "Chaddynick" the NBA 2K League player ahead of the tournament?

Fodderie: You won't see it on the court but I know my role. I know what I bring - the "glue." I bring the IQ, a lot of plays and I call out a lot of things on the court. We have great players on this team. Why take away from what they do best?

Jeff: When you look back at your first NBA 2K League game to now, what has changed?

Fodderie: The comfort of the NBA 2K League stage. It's a different environment. It's so much fun. I love it. The first couple of games, you just get used to it. I am not trying to make excuses but the gameplay is different on the stage than in practice. The jitters and nerves go away after the first couple of games.

Jeff: With "THE TICKET" coming up what would you tell Bucks Gaming they have to do?

Fodderie: Consistency! We just want to be consistent. I feel we're very talented as most of the teams. We've beaten the best teams already. We know what we can do.

San Antonio Spurs fans can follow Fodderie and the rest of the league by visiting the official website HERE.