Q&A Clyde Drexler: BIG3, all-time Spurs vs. Rockets 3-on-3 game & more

Clyde Drexler (via Getty, BIG3)

The highly anticipated BIG3 professional 3-on-3 basketball league is off to a great start after a hugely successful debut in Brooklyn, New York. In front of a packed house of 15,177 fans at Barclays Center, the BIG3’s basketball superstars put on a quadruple header of intensely competitive games.

One of the teams, "Power," is coached by former Houston Rockets great - Clyde Drexler. After Power's game in Week 1 of BIG3 play, I had a chance to speak with "Glide" about the BIG3, the Dream Team 1 versus Dream Team 2, his all-time San Antonio Spurs - Rockets 3-on-3 game and more.

Jeff: The 3-on-3 game is making a rise among fans and now with it being an Olympic game, that says a lot.

Clyde: 3-on-3 is here to stay. It’s an Olympic sport as well and we’re proud to be part of the inaugural season of the BIG3. Its a great product. Ice Cube had a great vision that guys bought in.

Let me tell you something, I'm happy to be a part of it because it's so much fun, it's so competitive. And if you’re a hoops fan, this is the ultimate in the summer.

Jeff: Do you worry about injuries for players who haven't played in a long while?

Clyde: Injuries are part of the game even in the NBA when you’re 21. Most of these guys are in super shape, a lot of them are in their 30’s, early 40’s so they’re still young. They can still play at a very high level.

Jeff: I recently spoke to Kenny Smith, your former Houston teammate, about his all-time Rockets BIG3 team he would pit again the San Antonio Spurs. He picked you, himself and Hakeem Olajuwon to face a Spurs’ trio of Tim Duncan, David Robinson and Avery Johnson. Who would you pick?

Clyde: (Laughs) We would light them up!

Jeff: But who would you pick from all-time Spurs, and Rockets team, past and present, to take on your all-time Houston team?

Clyde: Me, Kenny, and "Dream"! That's my team. For the Spurs, give me David Robinson, “The Big Fundamental” Tim Duncan and the "Iceman" George Gervin.

Jeff: You know Dream Team 2 guys - Shaquille O’Neal and Alonzo Mourning - said their team would beat Dream Team 1.

Clyde: (Smiles) They’re not biased. You know Shaq is so lovable, a great guy and Zo is one of my good friends. They are entitled to their opinion. My opinion is different. Dream Team 1 would light them up just like we did everyone else!

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