Preseason is just a time to learn says Spurs' Lonnie Walker IV

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Lonnie Walker

The San Antonio Spurs opened their 2019 preseason slate with an ugly 125-89 loss to the Magic.

The team was down as much as 41 points to Orlando but wins and losses ahead of the start of the regular-season is just about the bigger picture.

"We're just getting a feel for each other," guard Lonnie Walker UV said to reporters following practice."We got new players. It's kind of a different team."

The Spurs sat most of their players in the preseason opener including DeMar DeRozan, LaMarcus Aldridge, Patty Mills, and DeMarre Carroll. This allowed some of the new faces to get plenty of time on the court

"We're just getting used to each other. Learning each other's games," Walker added.

It was evident the players were out of sync.

San Antonio had 24 turnovers which led to 30 Magic points. The team also saw themselves get walloped 41-17 in the third period.

It's very early but there's room for improvement.

"It's preseason," said Walker. "We're just trying to get used to each other and see our defense continue to improve."

The Spurs will get another chance to develop familiarity Tuesday night in Miami for a preseason game against the Heat.

The Spurs guard said the team's self-evaluation will continue with the goal becoming the best it can be ahead of the regular-season home opener.

"Seeing what our weaknesses and strengths are to play to the best of our capability," Walker said.