Nets Gaming's Shockey glad to be part of Brooklyn history, picks Spurs to upset Nuggets

photo: Shockey (J. Garcia News 4 San Antonio)

Week 1 of the NBA 2K League's regular-season is a wrap and it meant much more for Nets Gaming.

Nets Gaming (the Brooklyn Nets NBA 2K League affiliate) is the new team on the virtual block and just in their first regular-season game, they walked away with a 74-66 win over Kings Guard.

It also marked the first regular-season win in Nets Gaming history.

"It means a lot," said Nets Gaming's Shockey. "Just coming on and getting that first "W" in history feels good. We made the city of Brooklyn proud."

Shockey did his part with 16 points and seven rebounds in the first-ever win for Nets Gaming.

"We didn't want to give them (Kings Guard) any signs of life," said Shockey. "We just made sure we kept that lead."

Nets Gaming followed up their win by beating Magic Gaming, 61-58, to start the regular season at 2-0. Shockey added 13 points and eight rebounds in the win.

And perhaps getting a few games under their belt may have helped Nets Gaming get off to a hot start in team history.

"It felt good to just to finally get out and play," said Shockey when asked about the "Tip Off" tournament which players call the league's preseason. "It was good. I think the rookies felt good about it."

All NBA 2K League games are hosted in New York City. With Nets Gaming located near the NBA 2K League's arena, Shockey says it helps the team knowing there won't be flights to deal with. Just a quick shuttle ride.

Which is advantageous says Shockey.

"Me personally, I'm fine not going to the studio everyday," joked Shockey. "But if I ever feel like I want to come in and check out the games, I'll come in. I feel like it does give us an advantage."

As for the NBA playoffs, Shockey chimed in on the San Antonio Spurs - Denver Nuggets series.

"That's one of those series I see San Antonio getting that upset. I think Coach Pop (Gregg Popovich), the veteran leadership, Denver is a young team and I just don't think they have that key superstar to get them over the hump," said Shockey.

Said Shockey: "That's one where I can see the Spurs upsetting them (Nuggets)."

But when it comes to the team's NBA parent club, Brooklyn, Shockey says it may be a tough one versus the Sixers.

"That's going to be a tough one," added Shockey. "All I want to see is a good series and a good fight. Win or lose, I think it was a successful season for the Brooklyn Nets."

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