NBA honors Spurs with the 'New Sales Campaign of the Year Award'

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The NBA recognized outstanding achievement in team marketing and business operations yesterday when it presented the NBA Team Partnership Awards and the NBA Ticket Sales & Service Awards for the 2018-19 season during its Revenue & Analytics Workshop in Las Vegas.

The Toronto Raptors won the NBA Team Partnership of the Year Award and the Phoenix Suns received the inaugural NBA Changemaker of the Year Award as part of the NBA Team Partnership Awards. The Minnesota Timberwolves earned the NBA Event of the Year Award, the San Antonio Spurs were honored with the NBA New Sales Campaign of the Year Award, and the New Orleans Pelicans received the NBA Group Sales Program of the Year Award as part of the NBA Ticket Sales & Service Awards.

All 30 teams were invited to submit for each category, with the winners chosen by both NBA league executives and a Finalists Committee comprised of team representatives.

“We honor the winners of the 2019 NBA Team Partnership and Ticket Sales & Service Awards for setting a new standard of excellence in fan engagement, creative partnerships and innovative programming, all of which enhanced the fan experience throughout the season,” said Amy Brooks, NBA President, Team Marketing & Business Operations and Chief Innovation Officer.

NBA New Sales Campaign of the Year

The Spurs received the 2019 NBA New Sales Campaign of the Year Award for their “2018-19 Ticket Sales Campaign.” The team transformed their sales and service strategy by prioritizing the development of people, culture, efficiency and new product development. As part of this campaign, the Spurs restructured their sales and service division, invested heavily in sales enablement technology, and created new flexible ticketing products such as the Spurscription and Spurs Passport. These changes led to higher employee satisfaction and retention rates, and the highest overall ticket revenue generated in franchise history.

The other finalists for the NBA Sales Campaign of the Year Award were the Sacramento Kings for their Kings Pass flexible ticketing product and the LA Clippers for their Courtside Launch Campaign.