L2M report reveals four incorrect no-calls on Jazz in win vs. Spurs


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They say never leave the result of a game in the hands of the refs but the incorrect calls on Utah may have cost the San Antonio Spurs a win.

In the recent Spurs - Jazz game, Utah came out with a slim 2-point win (101-99) but according to the NBA's "Last Two Minute Report," the game may have been different if four fouls were called against the Jazz as the game-clock drew to an end.

First, Donovan Mitchell slid his pivot foot slightly at the end of his dribble which should have been a turnover at the 1:55 point of the fourth.

Second, was a missed call was not called against Utah's Derrick Favors at the 1:18 point of the fourth as he established a screening position in Dejounte Murray's path, but readjusts his position and does not give Murray a chance to go around the screen.

Third, at the :48 second point of the fourth, Kyle Anderson did draw Favors into the air towards him with a pump fake. Favors lands on Anderson's foot, affecting his shooting motion. The missed call was on Favors.

Fourth, at the :01.8 point of the game, Joel Ingles initiated contact to Manu Ginobili's back, extending his arms and dislodging him as he went for the loose ball. No loose ball foul was called on Ingles.

At the end of the day, the NBA won't replay the final two minutes of this game to correct the non-calls against the Jazz.

Lesson here is to not leave the game in the hands of the refs.