How a visit to Sudan changed the life of Grizz Gaming's Ahmed-Hassan


Grizz Gaming's Mehyar "Authentic African" Ahmed-Hassan has accomplished much in his young life.

He made it to the NBA 2K League after being selected by Grizz Gaming in the league's inaugural draft in 2018.

In his second season, Hassan remains a key player for Grizz Gaming but he isn't just about being the best he can be as a pro-gamer. He is doing his part for the poverty-stricken country of Sudan.

Hassan's parents immigrated to Canada from Sudan before he was born.

But a trip to visit his parent's birthplace changed his life forever.

"I'm really proud of where I am from," said Hassan. "I remember this all started a decade ago when I went back to Sudan. I didn't realize in terms of poverty and stuff. It was really heartbreaking to me."

Said Hassan: "It was a life-changing experience for me."

Hassan did not sit idly by after visiting his Sudanese roots.

He used his platform as a pro-gamer to raise funds not only for his family but for the people of Sudan.

"I'm just really glad I am in this position where I can help them," Hassan said. "The league has given me a platform to try to help people. Not just Sudan, not just my family but like kids all over the world."

Hassan sponsors children in Africa via World Vision Canada as his way to give back and do his part.

But his genorosityand hard work didn't stop there.

Before joining the NBA 2K League, he worked as a custodian-care taker in Canada to help raise money for his family in Canada. Doing all he can to not only support his parents, but to endure before getting drafted into the NBA 2K League.

"I worked as a care taker," said Hassan. "I worked that to support my family. I was trying to get as much money as I can to go back to school at the University of Toronto. I was studying law and politics. I was just trying to survive."

Hassan want to ultimately go to law school as well as complete his undergraduate work once his career in the NBA 2K League is over.

"My mom was thrilled and my dad watches all my games," Hassan said when asked about his parents seeing him make it to the pro-level. "Their support has been great for me."

And that support even extends to giving Hassan some pointers despite them not fully knowing what their son does.

"They call me everytime to give me their opinion on it (NBA 2K games) even though they do not know too much about the game," Hassan said. "I can't go for 100 (points)."

Hassan admits he never thought he'd live his dream as a pro-gamer nor have the capacity to give back to Sudan and his parents.

It's an honor and a privilege he cherishes.

"I never thought I'd be on this platform," said Hassan. "I used to just play it (NBA 2K) for fun on my spare time."

Said Hassan: "It's been a great journey. I knew I was one of the best. I'm happy it all worked out."

San Antonio Spurs fans can follow Hassan and the rest of the NBA 2K League by visitng the league's website HERE.