Former Spur Mario Elie says Olajuwon is the better skilled player than Tim Duncan

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Duncan, Olajuwon

Former San Antonio Spurs player Mario Elie knows what it is like to have Hall of Fame big men on his team.

He's played with Rockets great Hakeem Olajuwon and with Spurs icons David Robinson and Tim Duncan. He won titles with all three and enjoyed winning seasons playing along side then in Houston and in San Antonio.

But when asked on SiriusXM NBA Radio who had the better all-around skills - Duncan or Olajuwon - Elie said Olajuwon was the better skilled big man.

I know numbers do matter. Championships and all that but you telling me skill-wise between Duncan and Olajuwon, you have to give the edge to Olajuwon.
Olajuwon's foot-work, fade-away jumper, jump hook, can face you up, can put it on the floor, shot 85 (percent) from the line and was an outstanding defensive player, was always in top of the league in steals. (He's) the package.

A Duncan versus Olajuwon at their peak matchup has always been something NBA fans wanted.

Both fundamentally sound, both devastating on both ends of the floor and both winners.Both are Hall of Famers, NBA champs, legends of the game and revolutionized the position at power forward and center.

Olajuwon had the "Dream Shake" - a devastating move in the paint which baffled defenders while Duncan had the signature bank-shot coupled with low-post moves that would lead to automatic buckets.

It would have been an epic matchup to watch had the two met in their prime years and will be debated for years.

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