Apparently former Spur Boris Diaw joined the French Marines

B Diaw.JPG
B Diaw (via Varmatin)

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He is the most interesting man alive.

Former San Antonio Spurs forward Boris Diaw turned in his sneakers and picked up a rifle for the French Marines.

According to French site Varmatin, Diaw joined the Toulon French Marines Reserve unit (the citizen unit that is) and became the first high-profile athlete to join the Corp.

"This is the first high level athlete we welcome in the Toulon marine rifle reserve ," says Commander Erwan, commander of the group.
"He can bring us his experience of high level in the management of men, and the unit a commitment in different forms. We defend the same flag on the floors and in operation!"

But don't expect Boris to be heading into any battles as he won't be in an operational role and won't be carrying weapons according to the report.

Though he does feel the marines are like the Spurs.

The Navy is a bit like a family, like the Spurs or the French team. This beret is a way to formalize this commitment.
I am on the reserve, so I will not participate in the operations. I do not have the skills! I will give my time and communicate about the activities of the marines. But also go into observation, discover the different facets of this unit, its various tasks, such as the fight against narco-trafficers.
" But he can support us in other ways! " Says Lieutenant Jérôme.

Good luck Diaw and keep on keeping all of us waiting for your next adventure.