WATCH: Spurs fan comes out of surgery proceeds to cry out for Manu Ginobili


We all been there.

You go in for surgery, get anesthesia, and wake up groggy, disorientated, dealing with the aftermath of the anesthesia and overall, just mentally just out of it.

And that is exactly what happened to San Antonio Spurs fan Emily Dawn Guerra.

Guerra was coming back from oral surgery and still under the effects of anesthesia. As she is trying to deal with her physical situation, her emotions for Ginobili took over.

Her love for the Spurs great started to pour out uncontrollably as she was upset he retired, went bald and yearned for his autograph.

"He was the best sixth man ever," Guerra cried out. "But I miss him. I don't know him but I miss him."

Said Guerra: "I want to shake his hand and tell him thank you. I love him."

Guerra was a good sport about sharing the video and many Spurs fans had a good laugh about her reaction.

And Ginobili even responded thanking her for the sentiments.

However, many Spurs fans can relate to missing Ginobili on the court for the Spurs.

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