WATCH: Davis Bertans proves once again he's the ultimate teammate

Davis Bertans.JPG
Davis Bertans.JPG

Things got pretty heated during Slovenia and Latvia matchup at EuroBasket 2017.

Slovenia’s Anthony Randolph got tangled up with Latvia’s Kristaps Porzingis.

As the two were jawing at one another and their teammates crowded around them, San Antonio Spurs forward Davis Bertans was not having any of Randolph’s antics aimed at Kristaps.

Watch as Bertans (No. 8) comes darting into the fracas and gets Randolph's attention immediately.

This was not the first time that Bertans has come to the aid of his teammate.

Back in December, as the Spurs were playing the Milwaukee Bucks, Bertans was involved with Greg Monroe in which essentially got him tossed when he came to the aid of Dewayne Dedmon.

And if that wasn't enough to prove no one messes with him, check out what happened at the 2017 Vegas Summer League.

Teammates of Davis should know that if there is a scuffle going down, no matter where he is on the floor, he'll have their back if push comes to shove.

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