WATCH: David Robinson calls Dennis Rodman 'Superman', enjoyed playing with him

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The San Antonio Spurs once boasted to Hall of Fame players on the court - David Robinson and Dennis Rodman. The two led the team to numerous wins, and a berth in the 1995 West Finals.

And although things may not have worked out between Rodman and the Spurs off the court, Robinson enjoyed playing with "The Worm."

Robinson was a guest on " Undeniable with Joe Buck" and spoke about his former teammate call him "Superman," and an "incredible athlete."

"I love Dennis. I really do. He's an unbelievable player. Incredibly athletic. He was like 'Superman.'"
“I loved having him next to me on the court because you just felt like you have a warrior with you."

Robinson would go on to say Dennis wasn't the greatest locker room leader the team needed but on the court during a game, he was just amazing.

On the court he’s a great guy to have next to you. In the locker room it’s a little different story."

Dennis was eventually traded to the Bulls in exchange for Will Perdue after he and the franchise couldn't see eye-to-eye on his off the court activities such as his relationship with Madonna and a motorcycle incident which injured his shoulder as well as butting heads with the team's front office in 1995.

With the Spurs, Rodman won his third straight rebounding title, averaged 17.3 rebounds, and was named to the NBA All-Defensive Team in the 1993-94 season.

He would be enshrined in the Basketball Hall of fame in 2011.