Spurs' Patty Mills praises heroic dog in helping save wildlife in Australia brushfires

P. Mills
P. Mills

As the Australia wildfires continue to be a concern, many are pitching in to do their part to combat the natural disaster.

San Antonio Spurs Lonnie Walker IV is hosting a fitness session to raise funds to help in the fight, the San Antonio Zoo is also raising money and so is a heroic dog named "Patsy the Wonderdog."

Spurs guard Patty Mills has been raising awareness about the on-going disaster in his home country and recently tipped his cap at a heroic dog who saved more than 200 sheep from the wildfires.

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes (and species). Patsy the Wonderdog is credited with herding more than 220 sheep to the safety of a barn during the Australia fires. Many farmers have lost their livestock to the fires - but thanks to Patsy, owner Stephen Hill was able to maintain all but six of his flock.

Good doggo!

Aside from putting the spotlight on the brushfires, Mills recently donated some of his money along with fellow Australian NBA players.

“That’s what I’m trying to do is use my voice and use my platform to be able to bring awareness to this national crisis,” Mills said recently.

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