Popovich jokes he has trust issues with Steve Kerr's son and Spurs video coordinator Nick

Gregg Popovich

In case you didn't know, Warriors Head Coach Steve Kerr's son, Nick, currently works with the San Antonio Spurs as a video coordinator.

And considering the Spurs and Warriors have been battling for West supremacy, it may have caused Head Coach Gregg Popovich to keep the son of his chief West rival under close watch.

Prior to the Spurs and Warriors recent clash, Popovich had some fun with Nick, joking he doesn't trust him at all to the point he wanted Nick's cell phone confiscated.

"I told the guys to make sure, before we left the gym to get Nick Kerr’s cellphone so he couldn’t text it to Steve Kerr. He works for them but I don’t trust him a lick, I know he’s calling his dad," said Popovich.

Even Steve got into the playful ribbing of his son claiming Pop call him a spy for the Warriors.

Said Kerr, "He calls my son a spy. He said my son could be working for Putin."

All kidding aside, this is a great opportunity for Nick to learn the NBA coaching ways and what better place to learn than with the Spurs are Coach Pop.

But just in case, let's be reminded Pop has a military background and he may know a few things about smoking out spies within the ranks.