One-on-one with Pistons GT's PF Radoncic


After the end of season two of the NBA 2K League, Pistons GT made it a point to add a proven winner and someone who has familiarity with the club.

Enter Ramo Radoncic.

Radoncic was acquired via trade with Pacers Gaming bringing back their 2015 draft pick.

Radoncic, a power forward, posted averages of 14.8 points, 6.3 rebounds, 5.4 assists and 2.1 steals through 16 regular season games in season two with the Pacers. He also averaged 16.0 points, 3.0 rebounds and 5.5 assists while shooting .583 from the field in the postseason.

I had a chance to catch up with Radoncic to discuss his return to the Pistons and more.

Jeff: For Pistons GT, this is probably not the start you guys wanted at 2-9. What are your thoughts on the season?

Ramo: It is obviously not want where we want to be because we know we're better but it's an unfortunate season. We feel we drafted a great group of guys and drafted mainly for the stage but with COVID-19 taking over the world globally, it hurt us because we felt like we were going to be a great team on stage and now have to play from our apartments, which is just very unfortunate for us.

Jeff: Is it a situation that the team is not meshing well when you are playing?

Ramo: Overall, it's not just our season. For just an example, you got the 76ers, who are probably the most wins throughout the whole 2K league history, and they're doing very bad this year. It just goes to show you how much remote play plays into the factor of winning.

Jeff: Among players, is it discussed about this season being an asterisk season for whoever wins the title?

Ramo: Yes and no. We just talked about but there again, you got to give respect to whatever team wins it this season. The checks are still going to look the same at the end of the day. If you win you get your trophy, you get your trophies, you still get your recognition.

Jeff: How has your second stint with the Pistons been going for you?

Ramo: I feel like it was a easy transition for me, because I already knew what the organization was before I got here. I already knew what they expected from me coming into the season. For me personally it just was a very easy transition.

Jeff: What have you seen from your teammates? What do you like out of them?

Ramo: They keep their head up after every loss, and no matter what the score is, we're always going to fight because we had a couple of comebacks this season, and it just goes to show you that no matter what the score is, we're always going to fight and to have heart.

Jeff: Has there been a player on the roster who has caught your attention?

Ramo: I do want to do a shout out to Devin Gossett! He is very important this year. Just wan to tip my hat off because playing lock, that's not a position he played before as well as Joseph Marrero.

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