LOOK: Is Dejounte Murray teasing the release of his New Balance 'Fiesta' sneakers?

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photo: D. Murray/New Balance

When it comes to the retro-look, San Antonio Spurs fan love anything with the franchise's 1990s "Fiesta" colors.

The classic pink, orange and teal look is a hit with Spurs fans. Whether it be a tee shirt, a team jersey or a baseball cap, if it has that "Fiesta"-color pattern, you can bet fans will make sure they own the merchandise.

Spurs' Dejounte Murray is also aware of the Spurs fans yearning for the old-school look. He has a personal edition pair of New Balance sneakers with the 1990s team colors.

However, fans cannot own a pair. They are his and his alone.

But are they coming soon?

So far there has been no official word that the Murray "Fiesta" New Balance sneakers will it the stores for fans to own but is Murray teasing the inevitable release?

Murray asked fans if New Balance should release the special edition kicks on his Instagram.

Needless to say, fans are overwhelmingly agreeing with Murray that these New Balance sneakers should be available.

New Balance has told the Spurs Zone that the release of the sneakers is not completely off the table and it could be available for fans at a later date.

What say you Spurs fans? Would you want these kicks? Would you buy a pair? Let me know on Twitter at @JeffGSpursZone.