Lonnie Walker IV explains the many interpretations of sleep

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Lonnie Walker (SBG)

San Antonio Spurs rookie Lonnie Walker IV has been extremely busy as of late.

From welcoming a new puppy into his home, donating shoes to kids from his hometown to signing autographs at Spurs Summer Kids camp, he definitely has been on the move.

However, in a recent post on Instagram he educated his loyal followers on the many interpretations of sleep. He offered several definitions of sleep from various cultures and time periods, and even threw in a reference from rapper Nas. For now, he states his sleep is used as a way to recharge his brain and body.

Ancient Greeks viewed sleep as a barrier between life and death. Egyptians believed it was a way to let their souls travel through their bodies. Nas said sleep was the cousin of death. For now, I use it as a way to let my brain and body recharge.

He's such a cool character.

Still, he did help educate the masses and just added a new glimpse into his mind and his ability to think way outside the box.

For example, his interview with Sports Illustrated where he touched on some of his conspiracy theories.

It's going to be fun to listen to Lonnie and watch him grow on the court this upcoming season.