Dolphins offensive line takes accountability for rocky performance in preseason opener

Dolphins offensive line takes accountability for rocky performance in preseason opener (WPEC)

"The game moves fast," said Brian Flores after the Dolphins defeated the Falcons in its preseason opener.

But it might have been a little too fast for two of the rookies on the Dolphins offensive line. In Thursday nights game, guard Michael Deiter was one of the rookies who had his fair share of struggles.

"We were not perfect at all and, we’ve got to get there. I think the other guys – the vets – are doing a really job of bringing us along, and I think that we are the two that have to kind of pick it up because we are rookies," said Deiter after the game.

But even the veterans struggled. Jordan Mills, a seven year veteran, signed on as a right tackle, but was on the opposite side in the preseason opener and was bad at left tackle.

The offensive line allowed two sacks for a total loss of 11 yards. And while it starts up front, quarterback Josh Rosen says it's also up to him to play through any circumstance.

"I threw the pick in a completely clean pocket. So football is football. You’re never going to have a completely clean pocket all of the time. When you get it, you’ve got to take advantage of it," said Rosen.

While Rosen's accountability is certainly on point, head coach Brian Flores is in the midst of assessing two quarterbacks and needs the guys up front to perform well in order for a more accurate assessment.

"I thought the protection for both guys could have been a lot better, which would have given us a little bit better evaluation on the as I was watching it," Flores said.

"Overall we have to get better, we have to stay in form as one group and strengths just got to get better," said center Daneil Kilgore.

The Dolphins have the chance to make strides and improve this week as the team will have its first practice in Tampa on Tuesday ahead of Friday's preseason game against the Buccaneers.