Check out this incredible Spurs-Batman themed jersey

Annotation 2020-05-20 190541a.jpg
Graphic Designer, Mikey Halim

It may not be the "Fiesta" jersey San Antonio Spurs fans have been yearning for but this jersey is incredibly awesome.

Mikey Halim is a 16 year old graphic designer from Seattle, Washington. He is sharing a few of his designs where he mashes up super hero uniforms with NBA teams.

For the Spurs, Halim merged the "Dark Knight" himself, Batman's uniform with the San Antonio team uniform.

Check out the final product which is absolutely incredible.


Halim specializes in jersey/apparel design and anything else sports related. He has been featured on multiple online publications featuring his work and it is absolutely deserved.

You can visit his Instagram page to see his other NBA-hero inspired designs.

Twitter: @JeffGSpursZone