Belinelli will have 'Equality' on jersey, says playoffs not impossible for Spurs

M. Belinelli{ }

The San Antonio Spurs are in Orlando, FL as they get set to return to the court and chase the 8th seed in the West. Should the Spurs get into the postseason, it will break an NBA record for the most consecutive playoff appearances at 23.

But it will not be easy says guard Marco Belinelli.

In an interview with Italian outlet la Repubblica, Belinelli opened up about the Spurs' playoff hopes admitting the task will be difficult but not impossible.

"We are four games behind the eighth seed and we have eight games to qualify for the playoffs," Belinelli said. "It is not easy but it will be a 'beginning' of the season different from all the others. There are so many question marks. Nothing is impossible."

Said Belinelli: "I am ready. We want the playoffs"

The Spurs go into Orlando slotted at the 12th seed in the West behind the current 8th seed holder, Memphis Grizzlies.

Aside from being behind four games out of the playoffs, the team will face stiff competition in their 8-game regular season slate - Nuggets, Jazz (twice), 76ers, Kings, Grizzlies, Pelicans, and Rockets.

Belinelli did state the team is in quarantine and there has been no team meetings since arriving in Orlando.

As for using his platform once the games begin, Belinelli did say he will have the word "Equality" in Italian on his jersey to help spread a positive message.

"On my jersey I will have the word 'Equality', in Italian," he said. "Beautiful things and terrible things happen in the world, it is right to make yourself heard."

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