After getting posterized by DeRozan, Raptors' Boucher says he might get payback

C. Boucher

San Antonio Spurs' DeMar DeRozan not only led the Spurs to an incredible comeback win over his former team Toronto Raptors Sunday night, he also had the dunk of the Spurs' season so far.

In the third quarter with the Spurs rallying from an 18-point deficit, DeRozan put Raptors' Chris Boucher on a poster with an incredible dunk.

The dunk even left Drew Eubanks in a state of shock, needing comfort from Jakob Poeltl.

Boucher responded to being on the wrong end of DeRozan's dunk following the Spurs' 105-104 win.

"I was just trying to block the shot. I’m a shot blocker, so you get some and you miss some. I’ve blocked a thousand shots.
"It’s going to happen. I think everybody knows that’s what I do.

After downplaying the play, Boucher said he might go after DeRozan the next time Toronto and San Antonio play.

He got me this time, I might get him the next time."

Boucher will have a chance to get a measure of revenge when the Spurs and Raptors play one more time this season in San Antonio on Jan. 26.

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