A look back at Bryn Forbes' stellar Summer League play

Bryn Forbes Spurs

Bryn Forbes is coming off of a 2017 Summer League where he was the one who was hot during the summer.

During the Las Vegas summer league, the San Antonio Spurs guard was the leading scorer, averaging just under 30-points a game (29.3).

There is no question what Forbes can do on the offensive end of the floor. He had two games eclipsing the 3- point mark twice matching his summer-high of 35. As eye dropping as his numbers were scoring, they all came by him taking a lot of shots.

During league’s opening days, Forbes came out of the gates on fire.

He was picking his spots, coming off of a screens and squaring his body up and releasing the ball in perfect form.

At one point in a game, Forbes came off of a baseline screen where he ran from one-side of the floor to the next to receive a pass beyond the arc and sunk a three that hit the bottom of the net.

With the good, comes the bad.

As stated before, Forbes took a lot of shots to reach the 30-point plateau. There were times in which he forced up shots in which he simply could of passed off and reset the offense to try and get a better look.

When he was not settling for the outside shot, Forbes put the ball on the floor and penetrated into the lane. He set himself up in doing-so. When a shooter is nailing his shots from the perimeter, it leaves the defender in a state of thought. Close out on the shooter and risk getting beat off the line, which is what Forbes showed during games.

Scoff at the fact it may have been against Summer league competition, but Bryn came out each game with a lot of confidence. Coming off of screens he was aggressive. He had his mind made up most of the time what he was going to do with the ball. Whether he is coming off of a screen or receiving a pick-and-roll, more than likely the ball was going to go up in the air.

Not knowing what the extent of his playing time will be in San Antonio for the coming season or even if he will make the roster, His contract is partially-guaranteed and even if he doesn't stay in San Antonio, he has upped his game and it showed.

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