VIDEO: 6-year-old 'magician' surprises her big sister with hilarious trick

6-year-old 'magician' surprises her big sister with hilarious trick (Karen Callister) (16).png
6-year-old 'magician' surprises her big sister with hilarious trick. (Karen Callister)

Hannah "The Magnificent" Callister is the resident magician and jokester in her family's home.

So, it comes as no surprise -- except to her victim -- that one of the goals of Hannah's 2017 summer reading program was to do a magic show for a sibling.

Hannah, who was 6-years-old when the video was shot, chose her big sister Summer, then 8, as that victim.

Take a look at Hannah's magic "trick" in this video shot by their mother Karen Callister:

April Fool's Day is popular in the Callister home where mother Karen, a Brigham Young University alumna, loves to play harmless tricks on her four daughters. Her girls seemed to have learned from the master herself.

Karen says:

I like to trick them when they aren’t expecting it. My brother-in-law does magic as a hobby and performs little shows for us when he visits. So, the kids have taken an interest in magic, and love to watch TV shows about magic, so it wasn’t out of the ordinary for Hannah to want to show [a trick] to Summer."

The video, shot June 14, 2017, resurfaced as a Facebook memory on the video's three-year anniversary.

Karen says she saw a Facebook video of an elderly couple doing the trick and she suggested to Hannah that she repeat it on Summer. Karen tells 2News:

Hannah is our resident jokester so she quickly agreed. We practiced once and then she took it away."

Summer cried for a short time before laughing about the whole ordeal. Summer laughed again when she saw the video on its three-year anniversary with her little sister Holly asking Summer to perform the trick on her.