Turning a new leaf: 'World's Worst Cat' now helping raise money for other rescue animals

WORLD'S WORST CAT UPDATE.transfer_frame_0.jpg
Perdita is now the model of Mitchell County Animal Rescue's new merchandise. Funds will go to helping the animals at the shelter. (Photo credit: Mitchell County Animal Rescue, Inc)

After gaining nationwide attention and popularity, one Mitchell County cat is now helping other rescue animals.

Perdita, dubbed the 'World's Worst Cat' by Mitchell County Animal Rescue is now the model for some new merchandise, with funds going back to the animal shelter.

Perdita stole hearts all across the country when Mitchell County Animal Rescue's Facebook post about her went viral in January 2020.

Soon after, the animal shelter was flooded with adoption requests.

And just one week after the viral post, Perdita found her forever home.

The shelter said it received 175 applications in all and narrowed the search down to 10 qualified candidates. Perdita chose her new family after a successful meet-and-greet "that included minimal growling and very little slapping."

The shelter is selling shirts and mugs with Perdita on them.

Check out more merchandise on the rescue's Facebook page by click here.