The science behind the 'Broom Challenge'

KATU Photo, Dave Salesky

PORTLAND, Ore. -- It may seem like magic, but it's just science! You may have seen #BroomChallenge posts circulating on social media.

The trend has everyone talking about the gravitational forces that were only making it possible for a broom to stand up on its own on February 10th.

The truth of the matter is that a broom can balance on its own 365 days out of the year and it's because it has a low center of gravity.

The earth's axis is always tilted, so there is no point in time where it would alter its sense of gravity or how gravity affects objects.

KATU Meteorologist Dave Salesky balanced his broom in his living room on February 11th, already proving the February 10th myth wrong.

Keep sharing your photos of the #broomchallenge, but now you know why! Consider this myth busted.