Police who were called on kids playing football in street respond by joining in game

Cops called on kids playing football join in game
Cops called on kids playing football join in game (CNN Newsource)

Ohio police were called to a neighborhood street after someone complained about children playing football there.

But what happened next probably wasn't what the caller, or the kids, anticipated.

Kindall Brown is your typical 12-year-old boy that has his future all planned out.

He's the quarterback on his team and on his street.

When he and his friend were playing Saturday someone called the police to report them.

"They didn't really get mad, they just joined in," Kindall said.

They joined in letting their own inner-youth out.

In so many communities where police relationships are severed with the people, this serves as a reminder of the good that can be done.

But it also reminds us, that so many young people live in fear.

He might be just 12 years old but Kindall is very aware of the world we live in.

"So at first it's scary when you first see them and they're white. If they are nice, you sort of feel relieved. If they're not like, really interacting good, you feel scared a little bit."

This was a positive interaction, the type needed to build better futures.

A future in which we all have a place and a future where we can all live out our dreams.